At four years old
He still asks for my hand, sometimes,
When he lies down for bed.

My whole body melts,
But my hand stays firm.
I can never let go.
I won’t. …

Today is for justice.
Today is for one man’s justice.
Today is for their family.

Today is for exaltation — for one brief moment of solitude.
Today is for accountability — not gratitude.
Not for the system, at least.

Today is historic.
Today is still tragic.
Today is not for celebration.
Not for…

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Held in highest esteem, in the pinnacle of reverence,
The symbols and your beliefs held sacred.
Valued. Sacred.
Freedom and liberty cocked and loaded,
They are sacred to the fabric,
The threads of this country’s virtues.
White. Angry.
White. Man.
White. Men.
White hopes the most valuable to the foundation.
White. Men.
Are sacred…


Quick note of context. On the Papa Culture Podcast, my friend Anton and I discuss a range of topics across pop culture and fatherhood. Sometimes they are interrelated. Sometimes, we’re at a taqueria discussing Game of Thrones. One of our regular segments has been to reflect on a “Dad Moment”…

It’s sunny, but not too warm. Definitely a chill coming. And clouds.

If I asked you what your current weather was, how would you respond?

Coming from more direct service and community based facilitation background, questions like these were the norm. They were easy questions to ask and relatively easy…

It’s not our responsibility to convice others of our humanity, but it is our responsibility to hold accountable those that choose not to see it.

Writing makes a difference. Ask Carlos.

Write. Here.

#OneNation #NoToPublicCharge #ProtectFamilies

My sister and I on one of our first family trips as US residents and our parents rocking some fabulous 80's hair.

When I was 4 years old, my parents brought my sister and I from the Philippines to Queens, NY. At that time, Dictator Ferdinand Marcos was still in power as was martial law in the Philippines. It was 3 years before the Edsa revolution. Plus, my dad’s mom, my Lola…

John Nguyen-Yap

Father, partner, son, immigrant and a child of the Bay Area. In Oakland by way of Queens, NY and Manila. Co-host of Papa Culture Podcast.

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